6 Foods That Ruin Your Workout

You know you have to workout today; you have set time aside and made a careful plan. You are going to give it your all; you want to make sure it really counts. Yet one or two things you may have done throughout the day can totally RUIN your workout and halt your weightloss.

22. Energy Drinks:

If you drink energy drinks before a workout because all you’re thinking is “caffeine = energy” you may be ruining your workout. Although energy drinks do contain caffeine, they also contain tons of artificial sweeteners and are carbonated. As I mention above, refined sugar is only going to make you crash and burn. They also won’t offer you any hydration, which is what your body needs most of during a workout. Being carbonated they will cause gas, bloating and fatigue which all make a massive impact on your performance. If you are looking for a little caffeine hit before your workout try s ome natural green or black tea.