Walking, Jogging Or Running? Which One is Best For Weight Loss?

Don’t like the gym? No time, or don’t like the fees? Walking or running for weight loss is something you can whenever or wherever you like and can contribute significantly to good health and weight loss. But which is best? Here are the differences between walking, jogging and running that will help you understand.


Walks make our mind and body fresh and calm. It can help us to get in touch with nature or discover new places in our towns. It helps to cure lots of diseases and health dangers. It not just helps to fight cardio issues but also assists to lose weight and stop aging. The benefits of walking are unquestionable and no special equipment except for comfortable shoes or sneakers needed. Also, you don’t need to be in great shape to walk for health. Almost anyone can do it.


Jogging has become very trendy over recent years. It is a type of aerobic exercise. Jogging on a treadmill or in a park both have their own advantages. Jogging outdoors in the early mornings assists us to inhale fresh air and is good for the lungs. Jogging inside on treadmills can be more convenient and can be done at any time. It is a fantastic medicine for high blood pressure, Cardiovascular diseases, battle with tension and lowers diabetes.


Running is considered as a sport and adds a competitive element to the workout. Running clubs and competitions throughout the country meet on a regular basis and can give an added social element to working out. unning daily boosts the energy level, reinforces the muscles, eliminates depression, alleviates tension, boosts confidence etc. Training for competition gives added motivation to train and eat right that is often missing when just working out for the sake of working out. However, don’t be put off by the competitive element of running, it is the taking part that is important – most people run against a personal best rather than against each other.

All the three kinds  of exercises that have their own advantages and each will benefit weight loss and general health greatly. Walking is for all ages and is a low impact while running is more advanced. Jogging comes somewhere in between. The important thing is making a first step and getting started on the level that you are comfortable with. For some just starting out in exercise and weight loss. Walking might be an ideal start, with a plan to “graduate” into jogging and then running further down the line.