What Fitness Models look Like in Real Life (not on Instagram)

These days, no one is surprised by photos showing a perfect body achieved through months of training and proper nutrition. But today, Bright Side invites you to take a look at a very different version of a “before and after” photo shoot.

Intent on demonstrating that photos don’t always reflect reality, fitness trainer Anna Victoria decided not to waste words and duly proved by example that every person has good and bad angles.

In her photos, the girl assumes two different poses: standing up and sitting down. In the first picture, her stomach looks flat and toned, while the second features small folds. And here’s the amazing part — these photos were taken with an interval of just 2 (!) minutes.

Anna Victoria undertook to share the photos to help the rest of us realize that we shouldn’t fret about the folds on our stomach or any other imperfections we keep seeing in ourselves.

Other fitness bloggers absolutely agree with her.

Nobody is ideal, and that’s how things ought to be. What’s truly important is that all people are attractive in their own unique way.